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Remember to fill out your “Ta-Da!” list tonight.

empty handImagine how good you’ll feel.

There are two kinds of checklists. One is a regular “To-Do” list with little empty boxes next to each item. Checking off your “To-Do” list is a satisfying way to track progress on your action items each day.

But the second kind of checklist—the “Ta-Da” list—is even more satisfying. Filling out your “Ta-Da” list ensures that your most important “heart and soul” items get their time in the sun each day.

Here’s a live example of an actual “Ta-Da!” list:

  • Did I wake up and greet the day?
  • Did I celebrate just being alive?
  • Did I read something interesting today?
  • Did I find at least one piece of good news?
  • Did I learn something new?
  • Did I change something for the better?
  • Did I think about my future?
  • Did I stop to thank someone?
  • Did I put something—even just a dollar—in savings?
  • Did I find something to make me laugh?
  • Did I make someone else laugh?
  • Did I help or reach out to someone?
  • Did I forgive someone (maybe even myself)?
  • Did I do something sacred (pray, meditate, visit the sick)?
  • Did I stand up for someone or something?
  • Did I do something ridiculous or fun?
  • Did I tell my loved one(s) how much I appreciate them?
  • Was I good to my body?
  • Did I write down at least one new idea or possibility?
  • Did I take a chance on something worthwhile?
  • Did I review my most important lifetime goals?
  • Did I count my blessings?

Imagine how good you’ll feel if you can say “Ta-da!” to these kinds of questions at the end of each day.

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