The 5 Book

Where will you be 5 years from today?

by Dan Zadra

Live your life on purpose. The next 5 years can be the most exciting and satisfying years of your life so far—or just another 5 years. Let the “5” book
be your guide and inspiration.

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The 10 Book

What’s on your Top 10 list?

by Dan Zadra & Kobi Yamada

You’ve been making lists all your life, but the “10” book will guide and inspire you to make your real lists—the lists that express your spirit, shape your future, bring you joy, and call you to greater purpose, meaning and adventure.

The 1 Book

How many people does it take to make a difference?

by Dan Zadra & Kobi Yamada

We all come into life with special gifts designed to make the world a better place for ourselves and others. Discover your special gifts in  “1”, and your life can become a wonderful romance and adventure.

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The 7 Book

How many days of the week can be extraordinary?

by Dan Zadra & Kobi Yamada

In the rush to make a living, we sometimes forget to live. The “7” book inspires us to break out of our routines. To reconnect with what’s truly important. To savor and treasure life—not just now and then, but every day of the week.

The 2 Book

How will you create something beautiful together?

by Dan Zadra & Kobi Yamada

If you have found love, this book is the perfect way to celebrate it. The “2” book will inspire you to dream together, plan together, laugh together, and grow together.

The Next Big Thing

A Creative Journal

by Dan Zadra & Kobi Yamada

This inspiring doodle book is the ideal place to capture, shape and record your new ideas. Each spread features a brilliant insight on creativity, innovation or idea generation, with generous space to doodle, draw, dream and create.

What’s Next

Create the future now

Compiled by Dan Zadra

The future is not something we enter,
it’s something we create. Here’s a treasured collection of great quotations on creativity and innovation. It’s a
bright and inspiring glimpse of a better tomorrow.


A gift of appreciation

Compiled by Dan Zadra

Give this heartwarming quote book to the people who make a difference in your world: The mentor who taught you, the friend who stood by you, the client who believed in you, or the employee who moved mountains for you.


A book of hope and inspiration

Compiled by Dan Zadra and Kobi Yamada

The start to a better world, or a better life, or a better company is simply our belief that it is possible. Celebrate fresh starts and new beginnings. Encourage someone’s hopes, dreams and plans. Renew their confidence and courage.

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Year of Gratitude

A kit to inspire 52 weeks of giving thanks

Written by Dan Zadra

Reconnect with people from the past, or brighten the day of those who feel taken for granted. Kit includes 52 thank-you notes, tips on writing a great thank you, and a guided journal to record what happens in your year of gratitude.

Love Life

Thoughts to celebrate the joy of living

Compiled by Dan Zadra

Love Life is laid out in vivid color, with hand-painted pages and inspiring quotations. Rediscover life’s wonders. Savor life’s tiny delights. Celebrate the magic of your own everyday existence and the people you care about.

Tickle Monster

by Josie Bissett & Illustrated by
Kevan J. Atteberry
Edited by Dan Zadra

A loveable monster has just flown in from Planet Tickle. His mission is to bring joy and laughter to every child on Planet Earth. Parents read aloud and do the tickling while their children squirm and giggle with delight.