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Finish LineWhat the world needs is more finishers.

There’s a big difference between creativity and innovation. Creativity is having an idea; innovation is doing something terrific with it.

Lots of people can come up with new ideas. What’s in short supply are innovative people—persistent mavericks who believe so strongly in an idea that they are willing to do whatever it takes to make the great idea a working reality.

Are you thinking about quitting on your idea? Anyone can quit. It takes no talent or creativity to give up on an idea, or turn your back on your quest. And the sad part is that so many quit just inches from their biggest breakthrough.

Heywood Broun, the great American sportswriter, put it this way: “The tragedy is not that we lose, but that we almost win.” That’s true in sports, but it’s also true in business and in life. Max DePree, who helped lead the Herman Miller Company to a long string of brilliant designs had this reminder posted in his office: “There are no gold medals for the 95-yard dash.”

It’s true. The world is full of people who are guided by good intentions and promising ideas; what the world really needs is more follow through. More innovators. More finishers.

No one ever says that Michelangelo “almost” painted the Sistine Chapel. Or Alexander Fleming “almost” discovered Penicillin. Or JRR Tolkein “almost” completed Lord of the Rings. Or Steve Jobs “almost” invented the iPhone. Instead of “they almost,” the world says “they did.” Let the world say that about you and your company too.

• Get a good idea and stay with it.
• It’s the finish, not the start, that counts.
• Innovators make the creative idea a reality.

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