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Announcing an exciting new political movement!

Vote for the Creative Party!

I have been watching the Democrats and Republicans squabble over chicken bones for the past few years, and it has left me wondering, “What happened to the fabled American spirit? What happened to our nation’s legendary ability to get things done? What happened to our notorious disdain for the status quo, and our unquenchable thirst for the big idea?”

It was Ben Franklin who chose the motto on our dollar bill—Annuit Coeptis—which basically means, “Be favorable to bold enterprises.”  Franklin saw a nation of impossible dreamers and collaborators whose innovative spirit and ideas would help all humanity…if we only set it free.

Well, having watched the House and Senate grind to a standstill over  the past several years, I think it’s time we set the American spirit free again. So I’m suggesting we start a third party called The Creative Party. You’re invited to join; here’s part of our platform:

The Creative Party is open to all open-minded, goodhearted people, including and especially impossible dreamers, forward-looking thinkers, courageous optimists, persistent mavericks, compassionate change agents, expert team-builders and adventurous entrepreneurs. You see, we believe that most of our nation’s best ideas, inventions, solutions, artistry or advancements over the past 250 years have been inspired by people who were either courageous enough or crazy enough to rock the boat, challenge the status quo or launch a brave new idea on a shoestring.

Those people are all heroes to the Creative Party. But we all know that none of them ever built something wonderful and enduring completely by themselves. Historically, we can clearly see that no leader ever won a battle singlehanded. No company ever produced a first-class product or service without the help of first-class people and providers. Neil Armstrong may have walked solo on the moon, but thousands of scientists and engineers, several government agencies, both political parties, legions of talented vendors, and 220 million American citizens came together and flew him there.

The Creative Party is the true American party because we know in our hearts that it takes each of us to make a difference for all of us. Unlike the current parties in Washington, the Creative party would rather collaborate than bicker.

Our party openly celebrates America’s long tradition of bold thinking, diversity, teamwork, and collaboration. Through the years Americans have proven over and over again that none of us can be the best at everything, but when all us combine our strengths, talents and creativity, we can be the best at virtually anything. Please heed that reminder, all you bickering and squabbling politicians.

It was creative genius Jules Verne (“20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”) who wrote, “Anything one person can imagine, other people can make real.” Jules Verne for President!

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