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What the World Needs is More Kite Flyers and Bridge Builders

kite-flyerThe story has been passed on from generation to generation: It is said that in 1855, the great Niagara Suspension Bridge was built by flying a kite across the 855-foot chasm. From there, the workers on the other side started pulling on the kite string.

Attached to the kite string was a cord. Attached to the cord was a rope.  Attached to the rope was a wire. Attached to the wire was a cable—strong and sure.

Our world needs more kite flyers and bridge builders right now. If you have a big idea or social project in mind, have confidence that you can bridge the gap between the dream and the reality. Step one is to take step one. Just fly your kite to the other side and go from there.

Big positive changes are seldom accomplished all at once; it’s usually a matter of one small step leading to another. What are you waiting for? Go fly a kite!

An excerpt from the best-selling book, One (How many people does it take to make a difference?) by Dan Zadra and Kobi Yamada. To see the One book and video, go here:

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