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The World’s Most Creative Job

Silhouette of Mother and Young Children Holding Hands at Sunset

It’s one of the world’s most demanding and creative jobs. The days are long, sometimes extending all through the night—but there’s no paycheck, stock options or vacations.

It requires a wise mind, a patient hand, a gentle touch, a strong will, a huge heart, and a well-tuned intuition.

It involves leadership, art, cuisine, education, recreation, transportation, psychology, medicine, maintenance, entertainment, pediatrics and economics.

Anyone who can handle all that, and do it year after year with a smile in her eyes and a song in her heart, has to be someone very special.  She is.  She’s your mother.

This month, it’s up to you to let her know how much you love and appreciate all that she has done for you—all that she has meant to you. Don’t worry about finding and buying an expensive or elaborate gift; that’s not what she wants on Mother’s Day.

Just pick up a pen and write a handwritten card or letter to your Mom—straight from the heart. Those are the words that nobody else but you can choose and say. She’ll save and cherish your card or letter, long after the flowers or chocolates have been forgotten.

Happy Mother’s Day, one and all.

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