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Passion Persuades

Great leaders bring us heat as well as light.

The best leaders are able to mobilize people to action, not by the power of their authority or charisma…but because their ideas inspire people.

Inspiration may be difficult to define, but we all know it when we hear it (or, better yet, when we feel it). An inspiring idea grabs. It excites. It elevates. It appeals to the best parts of the human spirit. It captures the heart and the imagination of everyday people and pulls them forward.

Here’s an example. When the first big computers were introduced in the late 1940’s, the worldwide scientific community was abuzz with one idea: “Imagine what would happen if we put the world’s smartest man—Albert Einstein—in a room with the world’s largest computer.” It was an intriguing idea, but not very inspiring.

Twenty-five years later, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak envisioned a completely different idea: “Imagine if we could put a small basic computer in the hands of millions of everyday people.” Who knows what miracles would result from empowering, not just one brilliant man, but all humanity.

Jobs believed in that vision, and he conveyed it with unrelenting passion to anyone who would listen. Passion persuades. In the ensuing years tens of thousands of people gravitated to Apple and enthusiastically worked long into the night to help bring Steve’s vision to reality.

It’s the same in every industry. The best leaders are able to attract and mobilize people, not by the power of their personality, but by communicating an inspiring idea, quest, mission or vision. “If you have an exciting vision that people truly care about,” said Jobs, “you don’t have to push people. The vision pulls them.”

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One thought on “Passion Persuades

  1. Dear Dan,
    Thank you for this thought-provoking piece. I couldn’t agree more, everyone wants to be under the direction of a leader who inspires them to live their passion– and to put that passion into action–striving for their personal best. You exemplify this style of leadership! All the best, Michele Abrams

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