everyone-leadsThe role of the great leader is not to know everything or do everything. The role of the great leader is to mobilize everyone around the organization’s big ideas. Dan loves to work one-on-one with a company’s top leaders. Often the experience of a lifetime can be conveyed quickly and clearly to help leaders mobilize more energy, zest, enthusiasm, loyalty and collaboration throughout the entire company.

Strategic Communications

For 30 years Dan Zadra has designed state-of-the-art strategic communication programs for some of the most creative and successful companies in the nation. The former Communications Director of Taco Bell once commented that he learned more about strategic communication in an hour with Dan Zadra than he had learned by spending $200,000 over three months with a large consulting firm.


You have something to say. We’ll help you put it into words and platforms that inspire, educate, motivate and celebrate your people, customers or community. Make your unique company spirit and vocabulary a distinctive part of the magic of your brand. Let us show you brilliant ways to feature your employees, customers, products or causes with unforgettable words, pictures and feelings.

Innovation Workshops

The best companies are a hive of new ideas and breakthrough thinking. An inspiring ideation or innovation speech, or a “Trust Your Crazy Ideas” workshop will stir your company’s creative juices. Unleash a torrent of new ideas and possibilities. Challenge the status quo. Discover fascinating ways to increase the number and quality of new ideas in your company by a factor of 30 or 40.