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Today you may be the answer to someone’s prayer.

Sostegno e aiuto a persone anziane

Dr. Jo Blessing tells of an elderly patient who experienced a minor miracle in her life.

Despondent over the death of her only son, the old woman tidied up her apartment one morning. On her nightstand she sprinkled out the sleeping pills. Then she trudged to her favorite place, a little park on the corner, where she sat alone feeding the pigeons, and summoning the resolve to end her life.

At noon something happened that changed her mind. Along came a young man in a business suit and tie. He was about the same age as her son, and he appeared to be in a hurry. For no apparent reason, however, he suddenly stopped, smiled and asked politely if he could feed the pigeons with her. When he left, he touched her arm and said good-bye. “Take good care of our little birds,” he laughed. “Next time I’ll bring the bread.” He had no idea that his kindness had restored her will to live.

Today, without even realizing it, you may be the answer to someone’s prayers. Don’t worry about whether or not you actually believe in miracles; just believe that your smile, your touch, your caring heart really can work wonders in the lives of others.

Right now, someone you know—a friend, neighbor, loved one, co-worker or family member—is hurting, doubting, wondering or struggling. Tonight, out of the blue, give them a call. Tell them you’ve been thinking good thoughts about them. Tell them you miss them. If necessary, tell them you’re sorry. Arrange another call or, better yet, a visit. Make some tea or coffee. Take a walk together. Feel the sun on your face. Eat a popsicle. Feed the birds. Talk about old times and good memories. Invite a little miracle into your life. They are everywhere, and all around you.


  • We are all bruised.
  • A heart may be breaking, but you can’t see the tears.
  • Today your smile, your touch may mean the world to someone.

A passage from the book “Little Miracles”, written by Dan Zadra, published by Compendium, Inc.

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