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You Alone, of All God’s Creatures, Have this Gift

JUnne 22_16 IMage for BlogForward-looking imagination—the ability to visualize the future state of things to come—is one of humanity’s most spectacular gifts. “For the first time in all time,” wrote CalTech professor Robert L. Sinsheimer, “a living creature understands its origins and can undertake to design its future.”

The animals made for running may outrun us; the animals made for swimming may outswim us; the animals made for climbing may out-climb us. But you alone, of all God’s creatures, have the ability to reconstruct what has gone before, to learn from it, and to envision the future shape of things to come.

Consider this: Every candle ever lit; every home, bridge, company, community or cathedral ever built; every act of human kindness, daring, artistry, invention or advancement started first in someone’s imagination, and then worked its way out. You have that same beautiful gift. Now is the time to use it for good.

Where will your imagination take you in the coming years? Where COULD it take you?

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