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25 Questions Only You Can Answer

QUESTIONSHere’s a simple, beautiful way to light up your life.

Down deep we are all looking for answers in our lives, but we sometimes forget that our answers can only come from asking questions.

While writing the “10” book, I made a list of 25 questions that have been rolling around in my heart and head. Some are serious and cerebral; others are quirky and fun. But if you answer these questions, even casually, the results will convince you to make provocative questioning a lifetime habit.

“Ask questions now,” wrote poet Rainer Maria Rilke, “and you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answers.”

25 QUESTIONS: What gives me hope for the future?  How do I want to be remembered? • How will I make the world better? • Who or what have I forsaken? • Who are the childhood friends I want to reconnect with? • What are the things I love most about my work?  What are the things I will no longer procrastinate on? • What simple pleasures would I like to make more time for? • Which family traditions do I want to keep and make even more meaningful? • What things do I want to try for the the first time? • Who are the happiest people I know and why? • What are some ways I am committed to being healthier? • What are some specific ways I can express my love for my family and friends? • What are some things I’d like to ask my still-living family members? • What are the three best pieces of advice I have ever been given? • When were the times in my life when I felt most alive? • What are some of my most valuable things that money can’t buy? • What are the stressful things in my life that I plan to do something about? • What are some ways I will lessen my impact on the planet? • What are the things I would do if I suddenly lost everything? • Which things should I donate or get rid of because they’re just collecting dust? • What are the things I will do now to ensure a fun and meaningful old age?  Bonus questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What do I stand for? And when will I start living the life I’ve imagined?

• Answers only come from asking questions.
• The quality of your questions can determine the quality of your life.
• If you ask the questions, you can live into the answers.

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Inspired by the best-selling book, 10 (What’s on your Top 10 list?) by Dan Zadra and Kobi Yamada. To see or order the 10 book click here:



One thought on “25 Questions Only You Can Answer

  1. Dan – I love these questions. Very powerful! Thank you for the ongoing inspiration.

    Best, Evie

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